December Month calendar 2018

The mid of Winter season(observed in most part of India) brings the Last month of the year with the excitement of Christmas gift and the new year. Following are the holidays of December 2018. December 22, 2018 (Tuesday) – Shortest Day of the Year. December 25, 2018 (Friday) – Christmas. The Christian gathers at church… Read More »

November Month Calendar 2018

This month incorporated variety of occasions to value and celebrate. Following are the list of holidays and festivals of November 2018   November 07, 2018 (Wednesday) Diwali. This day is the celebration of Lord Rama’s (along with wife Sita and brother Laxman) return to his home after 14 years of excile. People do Laxmi Pooja… Read More »

October Month Calendar 2018

The remembrance of Bapuji, the worshipping of Shakti, the recognition of victory of good over evil and the value of husband wife relation – this is all what this month has embraced. October 02, 2018 (Tuesday) Gandhi Jayanti. The birthday of Mahatama Gandhi is celebrated in India. It is one of the main official holiday… Read More »

September Month calendar 2018

This month is the most busiest month for Indians. Starting with the celebration of Krishna to 10 day long celebration with Lord Ganesha, followed by the excietment of Muharram. Following are the list of holidays in September 2018.   September 02, 2018 (Sunday) Krishna Janamastami. Its the celebration of Lord Krishna Birthday. People observe fast… Read More »

August month calendar 2018

This August 2018 came with variety of festivals and holidays. The color of patriosim, value of Bakr-Id and respect for brother-sister relation can been seen together. Following are the list of festivals in August 2018 August 15, 2018 (Wednesday) – 72nd Independence Day of India. Celebration of 72nd Independence day of India from british rule.… Read More »

July Month Calendar 2018

The month of 2018 witnessed the traditional Yatra of Lord Jagannath in India. Along with PuriRathYatra another yatra will be starting from 2nd July onwards that is the AmarnathYatra(Holy journey of Amarnath). In northern and Southern India, Some state/city are having their own traditional festival in this month. Dree Festival (4th July), Hemis Festival, Champakulam… Read More »

June Month Marathi calendar 2018

Month June in 2018 has come up with a shower of feast, gifts and wishes to all in alliance with Mansoon. The month has embraced the enjoyment of Ramazan and the excitement of the longest day of the year on 21st June 2018. Also, the family holiday trip which generally starts in May month gets… Read More »

May month marathi calendar 2018

Generally, this month have lesser reason for holiday. Only few occasion soccured in this month. As this month involving lesser reasons for holidays, it generally calls for reason to go on long holiday with family in India. The simple reason is it’s a holiday month for kids from their yearly schedules. This month hold temperature… Read More »