Valentines Day whatsapp status in marathi

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 – Valentine’s Day A day that is all about love, sharing and giving. This is a day when we can express our feelings not only to our beloved but also to all those whom we love be it our parents, friends or anyone else.¬†Valentine’s Day is on its way which means all the people who are in love have already started to plan to make their beloved feel special. Love is the most amazing and precious thing that we experience in our lives. Valentine’s Day is always special but for the people who is going to experience their first Valentine’s together it will be a much awaited day and possibly the day to be remembered throughout their life.

Defining any kind of relation is next to impossible cause with time not only a person changes but also the relationships and priorities changes. A new girlfriend is someone who is a lot more pampered person than any other person in a boy’s life. Getting to know each other, having someone a lot more caring, giving each other more and more time and a lot more things comes up with this relationship.

This phase in anyone’s life is very important because everything they experience is new for both. Everything seems very gushy, the feeling is very different and they also try to spend more and more time with each other.