April Month Marathi Calendar 2019

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April is usually the fourth month of the year and we all are aware that 1st of April is celebrated as April fool’s day all over the world. In this day, the world is filled with joy and every individual shares love, happiness and joy by making fun in various ways.  April usually has 31 days and it is also a month of autumn. 5th of April is celebrated as “National Maritime Day”, which also marks a very important day in the calendar,  7th of April is celebrated as  “World Health Day “ 11th of April “National Motherhood safe day”, 24th April is celebrated as “National Women health day”.

15th of April is also a remarkable day in the calendar list as it holds a lot of importance for the month and offers different scope to all individual to celebrate all throughout the month. Therefore, if an individual is willing to spend the month in the right way then the month of April can be considered as the best year of the month for travelling or for planning the right trip without fail. Other important dates in April are 18th of the month as it is celebrated as ‘World Heritage Day”, 22nd of April is celebrated as “Earth Day” etc.

Therefore, if an individual wishes to celebrate their life with one’s loved one’s then it can be considered as the perfect time of the year without fail.