August month marathi calendar 2017

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The more festival month is August Month, this month in 15 august independence day, and other important festival below check the date wise

7- August-2017 “ Rakshabandhan”

14- August-2017 “ Shri Krishan Jayanti”

15- August-2017 “ Gopal Kala and independence day ”

17- August-2017 “ Patati”

21- August-2017 “ Pola”

24- August-2017 “ Hartalika”

25- August-2017 “ Ganesh Chatorti”

26- August-2017 “ Rushi Panchami”

Those are important days in august month


Three fields that could be adversely impacted are ( At Work Place) Social Message

Efficiency: You can harbor an independent disposition, but at a work-place, undue boldness or initiative can impact tasks at hand. Your friends can take off some workload off you and hence all associations with them should not be deemed as casual. It should be remembered that the modern work is all about teamwork. Team spirit is a very vital attribute and it shoots up if people see in you an affable and amiable person. Therefore, workplace friend-ship is a very important factor to improve individual and organizational efficiency.

Satisfaction: Any individual invariably engages in two major activities the maximum in his or her life. They are sleeping and working with eating consuming around twenty five and thirty per cent of your day. respectively. If that be so, shouldn’t your workplace be your top priority? All individuals seek a congenial working atmosphere. It is certainly very pleasant to meet and interact with people with whom you spend a major portion of your day and serves to make you and your life a delightful experience, adding years to your life. Therefore, if you do not have friends at your workplace, it’s more than likely that your overall performance will plummet leading to your career downfall in some form or the other.

Poise: Your workplace friends help you to maintain your balance and calm. If people around you with whom you spend one-third of your day were to be unconcerned about you, you will be overcome by frustration and irritation. Hence, to stay poised at all times, the existence of friends is inescapable. People with whom you move around outside work have no idea about your workplace problems for obvious reasons.

But you cannot make friends with everybody at work. You need to identify people who are genuine and not envious of you. You need to safeguard your interests too and hence make friends with people who will guide you when you are stuck or take some workload off you in high-pressure times. You should make it a point to derive pleasure from your work and every minute that you spend at your workplace. Your workplace friends will be like an umbrella in difficult times; how-ever you will also need to reciprocate in the true spirit of friendship.