August Month Marathi Calendar 2019

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So you want to know more about the month of August? Come let’s have a crisp look through the fun facts and get some more vivid idea about the month. August is usually the eight month of the year and it was originally named Sixtilis in Latin because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC, and March was the first month of the year.In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the seasonal equivalent to that of February in the Northern Hemisphere. In other European countries, August is the holiday month for almost all workers. Numerous religious holidays are marked in this month.

August is usually the last month of the summer season and the most noted Islamic holiday is marked in this month and it starts from the mid of the end of the month. Starting for the beginning of the month, 1st of August is marked as “Armed forces day” in China, Switzerland observes this day as “Swiss National Day”, Colorado celebrates this day as “Statehood Day” etc. 2nd of August is also known for the “Paratroopers Day” in Russia and “Republic Day” in Macedonia. 3rd August is observed as “Esther Day” in the United States, and “Independence Day” in Niger. 4th Of August is known as Coast Guard Day in United Sates and Constitution Day in Cook Islands. Therefore, if an individual is willing to have a perfect time with one’s family and also with their loved one’s then planning a holiday in this month can be considered as a perfect time as it holds historical importance as well. 15th of August is also celebrated as Independence Day in India and is also a red letter marked day for the country. Opting for the right time will help an individual to have a perfect outing without missing out on any place.