Diary Reminder is best way for house wife

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Can you guess any working person who dedicate itself with no sign of holidays and nil objections to any upcoming projects? Yeah you cracked it right, it’s a housewife, who do give not only her 100 percent to household stuffs but also she does assist other family members in their very subjects. Now what I actually wonder is how a house wife sustain all her duties with perfection? Well, whatever I have witness in my past from grand-Maa, mother or aunties is that they all have one good habit of maintaining their household diary. Yes, they have managed to jot down a particular procedure of recording all possible daily/monthly/yearly requirements. This becomes their check-list or reminder to identify whether all their assorted work has been done.

Their Dairy has incorporated monthly checklist of grocery, wages, children’s school related expenses, any upcoming occasions, elementary projects at kid’s school, yearly reminders such as kid’s vaccination, any Emi’s, Banking related work, etc

Grocery /Monthly Check List is the most essential format they need every month. Here with this record they are able to analyse their current month’s grocery or other requirement and can calculate expense with precious records. Also, this check list help them to do settlement of the month-end expenses such as Milk consumption records, Maid’s or servant’s wage records etc.

Children basic Record is her check-list to manage all work related to her children whether its school fee, any parents meeting, occasion, other requirements, vaccinations or education related reminders.

These are few amazing factors of their wonder Dairy will make you think the depth of their management. In anyways, House wife has to maintain her responsibilities to the best every time and in every possible manner.