February Month Marathi Calendar 2019

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February is usually the shortest month of the year and can also be considered as the last month of the winter season. Having 28 days in February is common, and the year that has 29 days in February is known as the leap year which usually comes alternatively in 4 years. In Roam, February was meant to be the most pure form of the month and religious time for everyone. However there are very less days in February that are marked in Golden letters, as it shows the importance of the day.

2nd of February is important in the calendar date as it is celebrated as “World Hijab Day” 4th of February is celebrated as “World Cancer Day”, 6th of February holds importance as “International Day Of Zero Tolerance to female genital mutilation”. February is the third month of meteorological winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, February is the last month of summer

However, apart from all the important dates, 14th February is marked as one of the most important days for people who are in love. It is known as “Valentine’s Day” and celebrated all over the world as a day of love. 15th February or the third Monday of February is celebrated as “Washington’s Birthday”. Not to forget, 27th of February is considered as “World NGO Day”. So, from the list of important days it can be very clear that the month February holds lot of importance. So, people be ready to enjoy all the extravagant days in leisure and offers one with perfect timing to spend with one’s family and dear one’s. Celebrate your February month in the way you want and have a blasting and growing year ahead!!!