January month marathi calendar 2017

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The Calendar in first month is January month, First days is Sunday, means year starting from Sunday, this month in 26 january republic day, and all days are 31.

This month in 31 Days

5 Sunday

Important days:

26 january republic day

14 Makar Sankranti

The month of Jan is a unique month as Jan 1, or Jan the first is, of course, the first day of the twelve months. This is real in both the Julian and Gregorian calendar.

As we undergo the season, we slowly shift the luggage of the skipped possibilities, the little problems, the big issues, the small and the insignificant with us only to let go of them on Jan 1st.

Why not act as if EVERY day is Jan 1st in that respect? Let’s fall all that baggage now. Let’s now wait another week or another month. Most significantly, let’s not awaken in per month still pulling last month’s luggage with us. Let’s all get out behind every day and concentrate on the upcoming. This si all the Importance of January month.