January Month Marathi Calendar 2019

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All of us are aware that January is the first month of the year and a good starting of the Year can be considered as a name for all of us. The month January is named after the Roman God of Doors, “Janus” which indeed represents different beginning and also causes various ability to see the things of the past as well as of the future. January’s birth flower is the Dianthus caryophyllus or Galanthus. The birthstone for January is the garnet which symbolizes constancy.

All of are like to celebrate the beginning of the your perfectly so that one can have a perfect year ahead.

Come let’s find out some of the fun facts about the year January and its importance in 2019:

On an average January is one of the coldest months of the year in the Northern hemisphere. It is also the second month of winter. In the southern hemisphere region January is a summer month that is equivalent of July. There are different kinds of important days marked in red and the calendar in January. As it is the beginning of the Year almost every individual wants to enjoy and are in a joyful mood to celebrate the starting of the year ahead. People in January 2019 will definitely like to attend parties and get together that would welcome the year in a special way. The important dates in January are 10th January, which is celebrated as World Hindi Day, 15th January as Army Day,24th January as National Girl Child Day, 25th January as National Voters Day and 26th January, which is marked in red letter in India as Republic day, Celebrating the year with joy and happiness also helps an individual to share the well being and heed towards the year ahead perfectly.