August month marathi calendar 2017

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The Number of 8 August month in 2017, the Indian history in this is great day, each one celebrate 15- August, Independence Day …, each one prey for historical person.

This is 31 Days month

Important dates are

1- August “ Lokmanay Punaytithi”

14- August “ Shri Kirshana Janma Ashtami”

15- August “Independence Day”

For Happy event important dates are 18, 22, 24 ,26

This Month Important Note For Each one ( Social Message )

At all workplaces, there are several myths that prevail and which tend to put people off-track. Nobody seems to ever question such figments as they have existed for donkeys years. And that is why they have come to be regarded as truth. Amongst them, three most common ones are: You earn respect and recognition from others only if you know people at your workplace. Your career progress is all about the contacts that you have and the influence you; and that your short falls automatically get covered up. Whatever clients say or complain about is taken as gospel truth. Nobody seems to understand that everybody can commit mistakes and that in commercial activities or business pursuits, clients and consumers stand above everybody else. Employees should refrain from socializing at workplace or with colleagues. Workplace is supposed to be only about work in utter disregard to the fact that bonds and human associations contribute to efficiency.

There is no denying the fact that when you have friends at your place of work, it is a very practical and pragmatic arrangement.

Regrettably, people do not think like that and subscribe to rather flimsy theories. It is widely believed that you are required to share your individual secrets and emotions with friends and hence your colleagues should not be befriended. This again is not right because it is just not possible to be in company with someone without any purpose. Your workplace friend cannot be expected to draw curtains over your mistakes. When you have friends at your workplace, it is all about maintaining your efficiency and productivity as also remaining satisfied without losing your poise. Just in case you do not understand this important aspect, remember that it can prove to be very harmful for your career for a variety of reasons.