March Month Marathi Calendar 2019

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If you look at the previous calendars of the Romans, March was considered as the first month of the year. The month is named after the Roman God of War, i.e. Mars. The month is considered to be seasonal equivalent of September in the opposite hemisphere. However, the month is also remembered because of its various festivities and the red letter days that it has. Starting from the beginning 1st of March is celebrated as “Zero Discrimination day”, 3rd of March is liberated as “World Wildlife Day” and “World Defence Day”, 4th of March is known for “World Security Day”, and not to forget 13th March is celebrated as “No Smoking Day”. All these dates indeed mark a great effect on the month.

15th of March has some special significant as it is remembered as “World Disabled Day”, 18th of March is known as “Ordance Factory Days”, 21st of March as “World Down Syndrome Day”, 22nd of March as “World Day of Water”, March 23rd is “World Metrological Day” and 24th of March is known as “World TB Day”.

On an added note 31st of March is celebrated as “End of financial year” and is very important for almost every business house. The month has its significance as a holiday month as the weather conditions are also suitable and people have a tendency to celebrate holiday during this season. Therefore if an individual is willing to plan for holidays then opting for the month of march to spend time with family or dear one’s can be considered as the perfect moment. The dates of the month also prove to be of quite importance and noting them down correctly proves to be the perfect idea for celebrating the holidays as well as chalking out the plan for spending the time correctly.