Why we note on calendar page?

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All what really matters in life is the game of Time. Time is the only thing which belongs to everyone including the one who has nothing in his life. It’s a saying that one who has valued time, the life has valued him. And when it comes to Calendar, I believe, it’s a precise version of Time. In a real sense, Calendar is a part of our daily routine. We, anyways, come across the calendar once in a day even during busy schedules. That is why it does make a sense to why would have one created the note column in calendars.

Importance of Note in Calendar is not limited for well educated or working people but also for house wife’s to maintain their monthly plans or updates. The Calendar Note is a source to remind you of some specific events, dates, planning tours or meeting in one way but also to maintain household records for a house wife. Apart from this, as per my experience, Calendar notes do help you to make a good habit of recording as well as managing yourself as per the weekly schedules.

Amazingly, I discovered some facts about Calendar notes. Decades before, people use to maintain records of monthly food consumptions, household expenses,important meetings, etc. by assigning a colour or sign to a particular task. This is how, being illiterate, they use to maintain their records as per dates. While today, it has become a trend among youth to organise their Calendars in a fun way. They use pictures, write ups, sticky notes or doddles to maintain their records. Fun to explore it, isn’t it?