Why we see always Calendar

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A calendar is a systematic way to make sure days, weeks, months and years are organized. A calendar is used to ensure we have the sense of time of where we are and what we need to do. Without a calendar we will be of no value. The purpose of living a day and performing some acts with a motive will all be lost if there was no calendar use in the human society. Moreover, a calendar organizes the various religious, social, administrative or commercial purposes of days in a proper manner. Calendars are the simplest things which can be understood even by a child.

Days, weeks, months and years are mentioned in calendars.  Here, a date or a day is a single unit comprising of 24 hours. The calendar can be said to be a physical record of every 24 hours. In a chronological manner documents are listed in calendars. The calendar also informs us periods which comprises of years and months.

There are many different types of calendars. One such example is a lunisolar calendar. Based on the cycle of the moon or the sun calendars are formed. The essence of time has formed on Earth due to the sun and moon’s courses. In premier societies lunation has been used for denoting time units.  The entire world comprises of varied calendar systems. Life will lose its appeal if we lose the count of days or years. Every even on earth is an event only because of the existence of calendars.